basket of breads

tapioca starch chips, cheese curd and requeijão [brazilian cream cheese]
R$ 30 per person [optional]


pastelzinho [traditional brazilian fried pastry] stuffed with peachpalm heart and garlic chives
R$ 57

mini tortilla with tuna, jalapeño mayo, tomato, cilantro and pickled gherkin
R$ 69

tapioca fried cakes with jerked beef and requeijão [brazilian cream cheese] [with pepper jelly dip]
R$ 63

potato chips with roast beef, lapsang souchong and dijon mustard
R$ 72

french fries
R$ 41


smoked tomato salad, mozzarella di bufala, basil, hazelnut and toast
R$ 74

10-grain salad | with squash, tomato, chicken bits and mint leaves
R$ 72 | R$ 87

manioca salad | lettuce mix, gorgonzola cheese, apple confit, caramelized walnuts, croutons and balsamic vinegar
R$ 72 | R$ 87

salad of chargrilled beet with goat boursin cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette, cashew nut and arugula
R$ 72

maní egg | cooked at 63° C [145° F] for one and a half hour [sided by peach palm hearts froth]
R$ 46

tuna tartar mayonnaise, pickled gherkins, french fries and toasted bread
R$ 74

tonnato, our version of it: eye of round roast beef with confit bell peppers, fresh herbs and toasts
R$ 75


sided by french fries or mixed greens + R$ 16

chargrilled hamburger [180 gram burger] with gruyere cheese, tomato and onion confit, arugula and smoked mayo
R$ 75

cheese and salad burger [120 gram burger], brazilian yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato and homemade mayo]
R$ 63

cheeseburger [120 gram burger] and brazilian yellow cheese
R$ 55

vegan burger [tempeh with barbecue sauce, pickles, green mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato]
R$ 58

main courses

vegan moqueca [brazilian casserole made cashew, sweet potato, peach palm, okra and tomato] [sided by jasmine rice and farofa –traditional Brazilian roasted manioc flour]
R$ 87

capellini with mushrooms, lime butter and truffle oil
R$ 98

peach palm taglierini with parmesan sauce
R$ 89

linguine alle vongole
R$ 103

tuna tartar with quinoa tabbouleh and arugula
R$ 119

fish cooked in banana leaf with plantain purée, lima bean salad and brazil nut farofa (traditional brazilian roasted manioc flour)
R$ 132

beetroot risotto with peach palm hearts and cheese curd
R$ 97

our take on the brazilian barbecue: today’s beef cut, punched potatoes, farofa (traditional brazilian roasted manioc flour), chargrilled broccoli with gremolata
R$ 143

steak with spanish ham sauce, fried potato and wild arugula
R$ 152

PF manioca (manioca’s set meal): diced tenderloin, brown rice, farofa (traditional Brazilian roasted manioc flour), collard greens, poached egg and roasted banana
R$ 109

shrimp bobó [brazilian stew] served with coconut farofa and jasmine rice
R$ 140

helena’s kitchen suggestion

pork matambre, brazilian sweet corn tamales stuffed with homemade cream cheese, fennel, and granny smith apple salad
R$ 93

| (*) cooking time: 35 minutes | ask the waiter about half portions (70 per cent of the full dish price) |


banoffee baked Alasca: butter pastry dough, dulce de leche, banana ice cream and Swiss meringue
R$ 43

pineapple sago with coconut sorbet
R$ 38

French toast made with a brûlée brioche, yellow fruit syrup and mascarpone
R$ 43

“the egg” | coconut foam, eggnog ice cream and mini crunchy coconuts
R$ 45

cup | strawberry, meringue, yogurt, dulce de leche and
butterfat gems
R$ 45

“the secret of the cake” | chocolate and brigadeiro
cake with powder milk ice cream
R$ 47

fresh fuit
R$ 26

cacao brigadeiro [six units]
R$ 18

maní ice cream [two flavors]
R$ 26


fresh-pressed orange juice
R$ 18

limonada suíça [fresh lime juice, pressed with the fruit’s peel]
R$ 18

fresh-pressed beet and orange juice
R$ 20

fresh-pressed lime and lemongrass juice
R$ 20

fresh pineapple and mint leaves juice
R$ 20

fresh watermelon and coconut water juice
R$ 20

fresh green apple and coconut water juice
R$ 26

water | still or sparkling (370 ml)
R$ 10

san pelegrino ou panna (500 ml)
R$ 10

R$ 13

coffees,teas and infusions

R$ 12

brewed coffee Padoca do maní Por Elas
R$ 18

| all of our coffees come with a cacao brigadeiro |
| preparation of our infusions takes about 12 minutes |
Service fee: 13 per cent (optional payment)
Don’t drink and drive!